Monday, August 24, 2015

5 Saints To Call On When Your Parent Needs Parenting

So . . . did I mention that I am starting to write for I'm over at today talking about adjusting to life as my mom gets older. Don't get me wrong - my mom is not anywhere near an invalid, but there are some real struggles as aging and life start to take their toll. 

. . . As time has gone on and the effects of age and illness have left their mark, I admit that I struggle to connect with my mom at times. I remember the woman who was fearless and full of life. Now she is a woman who seems withdrawn, easily frightened, and forgetful that there is joy left in life. She is not the woman I remember and want her to be, and in some ways, our relationship has reversed. While she would never admit it, my mother needs the nurturing of a mother, not a daughter . . .

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