Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stand Up at the Casa

Our little Gigi has lately started telling knock knock jokes. She cracks herself right up, just like her mama. Here's a couple of her gems:

Gigi: Knock, knock, knock! (Yes, she says it thrice)
Mama: Who's there?
Gigi: [indecipherable babble word]
Mama: [indecipherable babble word] who?
Gigi: IN THE DOOR!!! [unbridled giggles]


Gigi: Knock, knock, knock!
Mama: Who's there?
Gigi: Tissue.
Mama: Tissue who?
Gigi: Tissue's in the box! [giggles]

So then I taught her some of these goodies:

Mama: Knock, knock!
Gigi: Who's there?
Mama: Lettuce.
Gigi: Lettuce who?
Mama: Lettuce in it's cold outside!


Mama: Knock, knock!
Gigi: Who's there?
Mama: Boo.
Gigi: Boo who?
Mama: Awe, don't cry baby!


Mama: Knock, knock!
Gigi: Who's there?
Mama: Who.
Gigi: Who who?
Mama: Is there an owl in the house??


Mama: Knock, knock!
Gigi: Who's there?
Mama: Atch.
Gigi: Atch who?
Mama: God bless you!

After rolling his eyes at us, even daddy joined in!

Dada: Knock knock!
Gigi: Who's there?
Dada: Donkey.
Gigi: Donkey who?
Dada: Don Quixote!

If you wanted more quality comedy, you should have treated yourself to a night with the Cos at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. This is as funny as we get at the Casa... :)

In other news, we done good garage sale-ing it today! The hubs found himself a golfclub cart thingy, we got an old oil painting for $5, some pretty frames, a doll stroller which has been a big hit, a bunch o' toy trucks, a rocking horse, a folding kids table, an old light up globe still sporting its USSR style, and a few sundry other items including an alphabet poster that Gigi calls her alphabet map. Not too shabby!

That's life at the Casa for now! Buona notte!

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