Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Faves: Child's Play

Having kids sometimes makes it easier to live out a childlike faith...or at least do some childlike things without raising eyebrows. Here are five things I love to do with my children, though people will likely betray me and let the world know I do them with kids or not. Like I said, it raises fewer eyebrows when the kids are in tow.

Wear pigtails.

Play dress up.

Blow bubbles.

Dance crazy.

Play on the park equipment.

To find out what others are loving this week, head over to Hallie's, I mean Grace's - she's guest hosting this week's collection of the


  1. You and your children are beautifuyl. Well done with that!

  2. Thanks, Mary! I worked really hard on that...ok, maybe not. :) I could definitely say the same of you and your boys!


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