Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Wore Sunday {4.21.13}

After a rowdy Mass for a family First Communion yesterday, the Hubs and I split Masses today, so I'm flying solo. The kids are in their PJs. Oh, and it was definitely a pull the hair back kind of morning.

I'm finding that the more intentional I am about choosing what I wear (read: actually plan and not just throw something on in the morning), the more I discover what makes me feel more feminine and confident. I'm definitely swayed by the textures of fabric. This skirt is amazingly soft and flowy knit.

Skirt: Target daily deal - favorite comfortable skirt ever so I got it in brown, too. I'm sure it will make its WIWS debut one day soon.

Blouse: Wherever Worthington is sold (JCPenney?) - so old I can't remember, but that's what the tag says!

Cardigan: Hand me down from I'm not sure who.

Shoes: a DSW clearance birthday purchase last year

   Pendant 1) sterling silver crucifix from a local Catholic supply store
   Pendant 2) custom locket of Madonna & infant Jesus made as a fundraising item for Mary's Mantle, the maternity house where I work. If you are interested in getting one to add to your jewelry collection, let me know!

That concludes another edition of What I Wore Sunday, on a day where it is much colder than it looks, and I refuse to wear socks and a jacket. For more Mass fashions, check out Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. Love your jewelry and your shoes! You look lovely.

  2. Love those shoes! One of my favorite colors :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! Rosie - I think I might be developing a DSW addiction...

  4. Erica, I'm lucky most days to remember to do my hair, so I keep the jewelry pretty simple most of the time. I like these pieces because they are simpler, but also delicate (but not fragile!)...


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